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About Us

We find the best solutions and achieve the best results.

International Education Services is quickly becoming recognized as one of the industry's fastest growing recruitment firms in the education field. Our team members have shown that they have the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships through transparent communication and personalized attention. Our success has been a result of our commitment to finding the best-qualified candidates and matching them with schools holding such values as inclusion and integrity. This has been confidently achieved through our ability to understand what schools require and what teachers are looking for in their placements. As a result, we have acquired the best candidates, found the best solutions, and achieve the best results.

More recently, we have extended our services to include providing exceptional professional growth workshops to elevate the quality of education in the schools that we work with. In response to ever-changing needs in education, we are constructing professional growth solutions for our school and educator clients.

Our Mission

International Education Services endeavors to facilitate professional partnerships between international schools and educators. As such, we strive to offer transparency regarding schools and educators to help ensure ideal matches and the satisfaction of all of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite schools and education professionals with the common goal of building school communities that value safety, inclusion and integrity and guiding students to become well-rounded lifelong learners and global citizens.

Our Strategy

In order to provide the best service to both schools and educators, we start by listening and learning. We ask the important questions to help us understand the requirements and preferences of both sides. We then do our utmost to match educators and schools by communicating openly and frequently.